Who needs an erection ring and why

Who needs an erection ring and why?

It is important not only to choose the right jewelry, but also to remove it in time.

What is an erection ring

An erection, or erectile, ring is a ring that helps a man maintain an erection.

Blood rushes to the penis through the arteries and flows out through the veins. When excited, the veins narrow – this interferes with the outflow of blood, so the penis hardens. If this mechanism breaks down, and the veins do not hold blood, then the erection will be sluggish or not at all. In these cases, an erection ring comes to the rescue. It is put on the base of the penis, and sometimes on the scrotum. It compresses the veins and prevents the outflow of blood from the penis.

The ring can be used in conjunction with a vacuum pump: a dome-shaped nozzle is put on the penis, from which air is pumped out. The pressure decreases, so the blood rushes to the penis, an erection occurs. A ring helps to keep it, which blocks the outflow of blood.

But even if you don’t have erection problems, the ring is worth a try. It (especially with additional processes or a vibrating mechanism) will give new sensations and diversify your sex life for sure.

Who needs an erection ring and whyHow to use an erection ring

In order for the ring to bring only positive emotions, certified sex trainer Gigi Angle advises the following:

  • Be sure to wash it before the first use.
  • Trim your long pubic hair so it doesn’t get under the ring in the process. Otherwise, the sensations will not be pleasant.
  • Apply some lubricant before putting on the ring . If the toy is silicone, use a water-based lubricant. The oil composition will not work if you plan to put on a condom and not damage it.
  • Choose a location. For beginners, it is better to place the ring on the trunk itself. But if you use a condom, then the ring should be pulled over the scrotum so as not to push the contraceptive in the process.
  • Put the ring on a flaccid or semi-erect penis. If you use the scrotum, stretch each testicle separately and try not to click on them with a rubber band.
  • Remove and wash the ring after use.

How not to harm yourself with an erection ring

Urologists advise not to wear the ring for more than half an hour, so as not to cause oxygen starvation of the tissues. Moreover, never fall asleep with him, so as not to cause gangrene.

Remove the ring immediately if

  • the skin of the penis changes color to cyanotic or purple;
  • you feel pain or numbness;
  • the penis feels cold;
  • member is swollen.

If for some reason you cannot remove the ring, consult a doctor immediately. Don’t wait, it won’t get better, because a vicious circle will develop: tissue damage causes inflammation, which provokes swelling. And the stronger the edema, the more the tissues are compressed and even more injured.

There is an opinion that rings should not be used if you have problems with blood clotting, such as sickle cell anemia, or if you are taking anticoagulants. But usually we are talking about a combination with a vacuum, because even healthy men have a risk of rupture of small vessels. In addition, if you do not go beyond the allowable period of wear, it is unlikely that something will have time to go wrong. But in any case, it is better to consult your doctor.

How to choose an erection ring

Keep in mind: any ring should be easy to remove. Therefore, try to do without improvised items like washers, jewelry rings and the like. In case of problems, only rescuers or doctors can remove them with the help of special metal scissors. You can hardly forget such a date.

1. Choose your preferred hardness

Erection rings can be elastic or rigid.

They are made from thermoplastic rubber, medical silicone or latex. Models from them are easily adjusted and stretched, so they are easier to pick up, put on and take off. The downside is that they do not always provide the desired level of compression. But it is best to start experiments with them – elastic and smooth rings without bells and whistles.


These rings are usually made of metal. They are quite heavy and definitely not for beginners. Such an accessory is more difficult to choose in size, put on and take off. And in case of emergency situations, it definitely cannot be cut or quickly reset.

2. Get the right size

Many rings are adjustable, or they are flexible enough to fit just about anyone.

But the stiffer the material, the more carefully you need to treat the dimensions. In order not to be mistaken, measure the circumference of the erect penis at the base with a soft tape measure. And then calculate the diameter by dividing the result by the number π (3.14).

The parameters of the scrotum are measured in the same way – if you pick up a sex toy that covers this part of the body. For accuracy, it is recommended to take a hot bath before measuring. So the body will warm up, as during sex. Keep in mind that the tape measure must be applied as close to the body as possible: it is there, at the very base, that you will wear the ring.

Now that you have your measurements, you can compare them to the specifications of the toy. It is important that the diameter of the accessory is at least a little (half a centimeter) less than your parameters. Otherwise, he will not cope with the main task: to prevent the outflow of blood.

Consider also the width of the ring. A wide accessory holds more securely and distributes pressure more evenly.

If you still have doubts, buy a set of simple silicone rings in different sizes and test them. When you understand what diameter you are most comfortable with (and does not slip, and does not pinch too much), move on to more sophisticated options.

3. Decide on a model

The range of erectile rings is unusually wide, and the choice of a particular model depends on how exactly you want to please yourself and your partner. Consider a few popular options.

This is a great option for beginners who do not yet know what they want. Thanks to the adjustable size, the lasso is easy to put on both the penis and the scrotum. You can easily change the girth density. And what is more important: to remove such a clamp is a matter of one second. In general, the field for experiments is huge, and the risk is almost zero.

Such soft silicone rings were invented mainly for female pleasure: to gently massage the most sensitive areas.

Such a ring is worn simultaneously on the penis and scrotum, creating pressure and unusual sensations in two places at once. In shape, it will resemble a figure eight, where the narrower part is worn on the penis, and the wider one on the testicles.

During sexual intercourse, the accessory stimulates the prostate. This enhances arousal and provides a man with a brighter orgasm.

The idea is simple: a vibrating brush massages the clitoris during friction. These devices are either powered by batteries or charged via USB. Some models allow you to change the intensity of vibrations. And the most advanced options are equipped with a remote control, they can count the number of frictions and calories burned.

To really enjoy the brush, rub your belly and hips against your partner, staying inside her. The best positions for this are missionary and horsewoman.

With built-in video camera

If you are a techie, you can even buy a high-tech erection ring. The device weighing about 30 grams is capable of capturing up to one and a half hours of video at a resolution of 1080p. With the help of a special application, you can download movies to your smartphone, as well as share it with your partner. Producers swear that intimate shooting is not transferred to the cloud, which means that hackers will not be able to get to it.